Creative Spaces TV: Becky Simpson

A series by Sara Dietschy, a YouTuber who I became aware of after she was featured on Casey Neistat’s vlog and her subscriber count shot up from 4,000 to 40,000 (and at the time of writing she is close to 10k subs!).

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Grovemade produce gorgeous handcrafted accessories for your technology.

Grovemade walnut desk

The keyboard tray is particularly clever. (There’s a Magic Trackpad version too.)

The iPhone dock is another of my favourites. I personally don’t like cases that cover the screen, but this one with the leather flap looks very smart.

I’m not a huge fan of the watch either, but it does look lovely. I wonder if they’ll make anything for the Apple Watch?

This sleeve design however is just incredible. There are versions for the iPad Air, Mini and for the 13 inch MacBook Air. Like everything, it’s available in maple and walnut.

Grovemade iPad

They have loads more lovely product shots and behind-the-scenes photographs on Instagram too.

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Craft and creativity

Grovemade make gorgeous handcrafted tech accessories

Based in Portland, Oregon (where else?) Grovemade produce gorgeous tech accessories that I really, really want. Seriously! I mean, this isn’t a paid ad guys but if you want to send me a maple monitor stand you can consider me paid!

I don’t know why I find these kinds of workspace photographs so appealing.

I know they reek of pretentiousness and elitism and just plain showing-off (either “look at what expensive toys and good taste I have” or “look how well I’ve got my life organised”), but I still aspire.

Of all these workplaces, the Ugmonk studio has to be one of my favourites.

I’m also endlessly fascinated by these workbag displays. So many things I need to buy to make my life complete.

Craft and creativity

Apple porn

I know it’s not strictly an ‘Apple’ thing – I’ve seen plenty of people showing off PC workstations and ultra-nerdy open source setups too – but let’s be honest, Mac geeks in particular love to show off.


At just 32 years old, Neistat has already made more than a hundred short films, won an Independent Spirit Award, and starred in an HBO series.

I’m sort of undecided how I feel about Casey. On one hand he makes videos that exude a sort of spoiled-brat attitude that makes me cringe (watch him wreck his jeep, twice, just for shits and giggles). But on the other hand he’s clearly not looking for anyone’s permission for how to have fun with his money, and I do kinda admire that.

He also makes entertaining videos that highlight social issues, like this brilliant critique of the bike lanes in New York or this mini-doc on the dark side of the iPhone 5S lines. And it’s hard to fault a guy who when offered $25,000 to make a promotional video for The Secret Life of Walter Mitty suggested that he instead take the money and use it on relief for victims of a catastrophic typhoon that had just hit the Philippines.

You can see more of his studio in this video tour made for Gizmodo:

Craft and creativity

Casey Neistat’s amazing workplace of which I am not at all jealous

‘Casey Neistat makes movies. Much of Neistat’s magic is concocted in a bright SoHo loft that is as every bit as weird and wonderful as his movies.’ — Gizmodo