This tutorial will teach you how to create your own handheld linux terminal with built in screen, QWERTY thumb keyboard and battery. It has four passive USB ports for expansion and extra connectivity. It’s super portable and is about the size of a Nintendo DS (if slightly thicker).

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Make a Raspberry Pi-powered handheld Linux terminal

“It’s basically a full handheld linux system that can do almost everything a normal sized computer can do. It’s not going to destroy any benchmark tests, so it’s best suited to command line stuff. Since this is the case, it’s actually a pretty good tool for learning the command line interface as well as basic scripting.” —


A Guerrilla Filmmakers Guide to After Effects

Gareth Edwards, director of Monsters and the new Godzilla, produced this comprehensive 10-part tutorial series detailing his work on the BBC’s historical drama ‘Attila the Hun’. The project contained over 250 HD visual effects shots, all of which were created by Edwards in a span of less than five months back in 2008.

Edward’s course begins by breaking down shots, techniques, and workflow used in the actual production of Atilla the Hun. This in-depth coverage of the real world project then shifts gears into producing a complex visual effects shot with footage shot specifically for the course. Members will recreate the techniques used in one of the signature shots of the project — that of 30,000 Huns storming across an open field in an aerial shot.

fxphd: A Guerrilla Filmmakers Guide to After Effects – $99

Light-based media

Otto: A customizable camera powered by Raspberry Pi

Meet Otto, a hackable GIF camera powered by a Raspberry Pi. It’s on Kickstarter now and costs either $149 or $199, depending on how quickly you get your pre-order in.

I really like this Otto prototype photograph that appears on the Next Thing website:

Otto prototype camera

I think this could be the inspiration I needed for my own Raspberry Pi project!


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In this fun and possibly useful tutorial, David Malki shows you how he constructed a teleprompter using nothing but the things he already had lying around.

“Did you know whenever you clip off the ends of zip ties you should make a wish? My wish is for them not to ricochet and hit me in the eyes, but you can wish for whatever you want. Oh, I don’t know if I should have told you my wish though…”

Co.Create interviews Nick Douglas about his supercuts videos.

My friend Andy Baio, who coined the term and runs, told me that most editors use TV Tropes (my favorite site on the whole Internet). When New Yorker TV critic Emily Nussbaum tweeted that she wanted a supercut of TV characters saying “this isn’t a TV show, this is reality,” Bryan started with the TV Tropes page for that very phenomenon.

Nik collection
Light-based media

The Nik collection & free photography tutorials

The Nik Collection by Google is a set of six plug-ins for photographers who work in Photoshop, Lightroom or Aperture. I’ve been considering buying the set now it has been reduced by 70% to just $149.

While I browsing the site I found these excellent on demand photography tutorials on their site. Even if you don’t use Nik products, there’s a lot of great general advice here. (The tutorials are hosted on YouTube if you prefer to Watch them there. I do.)

Here are some that caught my eye →