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Full track from Hans Zimmer’s Man of Steel score

Sounds like the music from the Man of Steel trailer to me. It’s not nearly as bold as John Williams’ Superman theme, but I like the mood. The drums are certainly very exciting. Zimmer’s Batman theme never grew on me however — even now I can’t recall it — though if I’m honest when I hum the Williams’ Superman theme I tend to transition into humming Star Wars.

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Neanderthal Hulk
Craft and creativity

Concept art: The 1997 ‘Hulk’ movie that never happened

Benton Jew's full-figure rendering of The Hulk

Benton Jew’s full-figure rendering of The Hulk

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Conceptual illustrator, Benton Jew, had the privilege of working on not one, not two, but three live-action Hulk films: Jonathan Hensleigh’s defunct Hulk film (1997), Ang Lee’s 2003 film, and Louis Leterrier’s The Incredible Hulk (2008).


Michael Lunsford’s fully-dressed redesigns of superheroines, via Buzzfeed.

Fully awesome. DC, Marvel and the rest need to reboot with designs like these now.

Craft and creativity

Female superheroes with proper costumes

Michael Lunsford’s fully-dressed redesigns of superheroines.