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The adventures of Russian Man

Russian Man leads an eventful life.

To some, he’s a marvel.

Russian Man does no-hands push ups

Russian Man refuels hang glider at gas station before calmly taking off

Russian Man flies power glider out of gas station

Russian Man reads longest word in English language

Russian Man saves woman on train tracks

Russian Man touches 1,000 women's breasts for Putin

However, despite Russian Man’s romantic nature, he is ultimitely unsuited to family life.

Russian Man fakes own death in car-crash marriage proposal

Russian Man pretends to die before proposing

Russian Man digs tunnel to pipeline, siphons 30 tons of oil out of 'curiosity'

Russian Man puts 8-year old daughter behind the wheel of a car

Russian Man jumps in chute to escape girlfriend

Military life doesn’t work out much better for Russian Man.

Turkish army attempts to draft paralyzed Russian Man

Drunk Russian Man drives tank into house

Russian Man attempts to blow up ex-wife

Inevitably, Russian Man loses what was only ever a very tenuous grip on reality…

Angry, naked Russian Man is upset that the metro is closed

Russian Man takes four hostages, only demands are a pizza and a Sprite

Russian Man attacks other driver with gun as his car rolls away

Russian Man arrested for putting foot in friend's rear, killing him

Russian Man kills and eats drinking partner after running out of snacks at vodka party … and sells leftovers at market as pork

Russian Man kept 29 mummified bodies

…With uncertain but tragic consequences.

Russian Man freezes to death after being wrongly placed in morgue

Russian Man killed, cemented in drum

Godspeed Russian Man.