Braille Bricks
Craft and creativity

Braille Bricks: Lego letters for literacy and inclusion of blind children

Braille Bricks: A toy building brick can be whatever you imagine it to be, or even something you’ve never imagined. Braille Bricks is an experiment that transforms these bricks into a tool capable of encouraging creativity, helping blind children learn to read and write. It also encourages the inclusion of children with or without visual impairment.

Braille Bricks

See also: Lego sets are getting grayerThe transition from the old grays to the current bluish grays (or “bley”) is a hot-button topic for many Lego fans.


Beautiful Wooden Lego

Fubiz: French designer Baptiste Tavitian (aka BTmanufacture) made these gorgeous wooden sculptures of Lego ‘minifigs’ and bricks.

Made entirely by hand, the little figurines resemble the famous minifigs, and exist in several sizes; The largest measuring 80cm, and are manufactured in very limited edition.

See also: Lego sets are getting grayer

Craft and creativity

Beautiful wooden sculptures of Lego

“Bringing life to peculiar puppets with my own hands, I work in a small workshop with the concern of underscoring the material. A special attention to details and a touch of eccentricity are my ingredients; for I like my artisanal creations to be unique and singular.” — Baptiste Tavitian

Lego bar chart
Craft and creativity

Lego sets are getting grayer

Joel Carron recently analyzed 67 years of Lego sets and wrote up his findings in a detailed blog post full of interactive graphics, including this fact about the top ten Lego block colours over the years…

Lego block colours by decade

Top ten Lego block colours by decade

Legos have gotten darker, with white giving way to black and gray. The transition from the old grays to the current bluish grays (or “bley”) is a hot-button topic for many Lego fans.


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LEGO Enterprise by Chris Melby

The ship is 68 inches long, 29 inches wide, and stands about 32 inches on its base. The wood base is 22 inches in diameter, and the saucer is 29 inches in diameter. Build time was about 8 months, including the holidays, and I figure the entire model came in around 18K bricks.

“Was it worth it? 8 months, tons of coin, tons of bricks, a few major headaches, more than a few internal explosions… Yeah it was. It was the build of a lifetime. It was one for my ‘bucket list’.”
Chris Melby

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Craft and creativity

Incredible 1.5m USS Enterprise made from LEGO

An impressive stud-free LEGO build of the new USS Enterprise by Chris Melby.

Light-based media

The subversive blockbuster

Playfully subversive and countercultural, the Lego Movie satirises surveillance culture and our modern-day neoliberal struggles, says Ben Walters.

Lego Bad Cop

The film’s exuberant, kid-friendly larks – Wild West! Robot pirates! Unicorn kittens! Batman! – are laced with satirical digs at surveillance culture, built-in obsolescence and police brutality, as well as inane positive thinking. Its opening sequences show a world in which a pliant, consumerist populace, mollified by overpriced coffee and dumb TV shows, is exploited by cynical leadership; political and corporate power are conflated in the villainous figure of “President Business”.

Our screens have been filled with images of urban collapse and apocalyptic destruction, dystopian wastelands and zombie hordes. But, like Washington and Westminster, Hollywood has been better at scaring us with the threat of calamity than inspiring hope for the new.

The Lego Movie – a toy story every adult needs to see – The Guardian