Putting Sockrotation.com into lockdown

It has been almost a year since I last posted here, and there was a four month gap before that too, so I have decided to let my Premium subscription lapse on this blog from June 1st. This means it’ll revert to rapidnotes.wordpress.com and all of my CSS tweaks will vanish. But I plan to leave the content here for posterity and set the Sockrotation domain to redirect to here.

It’s sad to me really, because I enjoyed blogging here a great deal and I didn’t choose to stop because I got busy or lost interest per se, but because a sense of apathy and purposelessness gradually crept over my life. The kinds of things I blogged were things that delighted me, engaged me and piqued my curiosity, but these things started to feel meaningless. I stopped posting at my tumblr blog decodering.com for the same reason: A new CSS technique or web framework just kind of seemed trivial given the hellscape the modern web has become.

So anyway, it had a good 6+ year run all in all! And it’s always possible that I will get back to blogging at some point, or use the Sockrotation domain for something new. Until then I’m just going to leave the branding here. I don’t have the energy to change it.

Sockrotation update

Welcome to Sockrotation.com

After three years, two months and almost 700 posts I have finally decided to upgrade this blog by paying for WordPress.com’s premium hosting package.

Rapid Notes stats

The most notable changes are:

  • New domain! New name! The blog is no longer Rapid Notes at rapidnotes.wordpress.com, but Sockrotation.com.
  • New Twitter account! Follow @sockrotation for updates.
  • No ads! For now at least. I reserve the right to activate WordAds in the future.
  • New fonts! New CSS! Expect more visual tweaks over the coming weeks as I go mad with power now I can finally make these kinds cosmetic alterations.

Nothing of substance will change however. This is still the same blog posting the same kinds of posts with the same ‘regularity’.

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This post marks the two-year (and one day*) anniversary of this Rapid Notes, so I thought I would celebrate with an epic gallery post. This blog now has 456 posts! Which is rather a lot considering that I’ve never really figured out what this blog should be about. Browsing through this post will probably give you a better idea than any description I could write.

Another way to explore is via the table of contents (or the menu at the top of the site).

Thank you if you are one of the 315 subscribers to this blog! I know that number is inflated by bots, spammers and the like, but I figure some of you have to be real. If you want to join the ranks of the non-bot subscribers you can find the option at the bottom of this post (or again, in the menu above). I have bigger plans for this blog, so it should only get better!

April 2013

May 2013

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Two years of Rapid Notes

Celebrating two years of this blog with a scroll-tastic gallery post.

Icon by Stephen JB Thomas

New category: Craft and creativity

It was always my intention with this blog that the categories I used would be under continuous refinement. Today I’ve deleted the Aesthetics category and replaced it with Craft and creativity.

(Oh, and I’ve also added a new tag for explainers, which are typically those YouTube videos which, well, explain something.)

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Like, star, fav!

One week of Rapid Notes

I’ve been posting to Rapid Notes for one whole week now and the blog has already accumulated 20 followers and over 100 likes! Sure, a high percentage of you serial-likers are ‘look how I got rich blogging and you can too’ bloggers, but thanks all the same!

In week one I’ve written 40 posts, an about page and created a table of contents for those (myself chief amongst them) who want to explore the themes of this blog.

Why not join those 20 subscribers and follow along?

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