A very cool Publicity stunt from blinkbox to promote Game of Thrones season 3.

Dragon skull on Dorset beach

It measures 40ft by 8ft and stands at over 9ft tall – the size of a London bus!

Craft and creativity

Giant dragon skull washes up on Dorset’s Jurassic coast

A spectacular dragon skull the size of a London bus appeared to have been washed up on Charmouth beach on Dorset’s Jurassic coast. The impressive sculpture was installed by movie and TV streaming service blinkbox to celebrate the arrival [on blinkbox] of the third installment of HBO’s Game of Thrones on the service.


Concept art for the Game of Thrones (2011) opening title sequence:

Our goal was to try to replicate something that looks and acts like a physical object. Art Director Rob Feng referenced Leonardo’s machines which have a timeless sense of design.
Angus Wall, creative director

And here’s a detailed look at the astrolabe from the centre of the world:

We show three close-ups of those bands that tell the pre-history of the world in relief-sculpture form. They tell about dragons attacking Westeros. They tell about how the different houses on Westeros got together and defeated those dragons, and how those houses, represented by their respective animals, bowed in allegiance to the Baretheon stag.
Angus Wall, creative director

I’m on a bit of a Game of Thrones kick at the moment, so expect more on this blog!

Light-based media

Game of Thrones opening titles

Concept art for the Game of Thrones opening title sequence.


Game of Thrones characters reimagined as 80s/90s stereotypes by Mike Wrobel.

I love the depiction of Khaleesi.

It’s hard to imagine being a fan of a show like Game of Thrones without all the magnificent fan art on Tumblr, or access to a dedicated wiki or chat on Twitter.

Update: Three more!

Craft and creativity

Game of Thrones, reimagined

What would “Game of Thrones” have looked like if the action had been set in a contemporary period such as the 80s and 90s?