What do the Rich really Want?

Imagine if oddly, wealthy capitalists didn’t primarily want money; but something odder and more hopeful: respect.

What do the Rich really Want? Prestige.

“The prestige should be enormous; a bit like winning the Nobel Prize, the Victoria Cross or the Pulitzer Prize. In other words, a fitting target for capitalists, the most ambitious and narcissistically craven and damaged people in any society.”


A video by The School of Life, produced in collaboration with Ana Stefaniak.

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This Is Why You Overshop in Ikea

How IKEA gets us to buy more than we need, explained by TIME writer Josh Sanburn.

IKEA “When the question is why do we have so much stuff, one reason is because we can,” says Annie Leonard, executive director of the environmental group Greenpeace USA and the creator of The Story of Stuff, an animated video about excessive consumerism. “For a huge percentage of this country, there is no longer an economic obstacle to having the illusion of luxury. It’s just that this stuff is so cheap.”

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