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All trousers: The Novo digital cinema camera

The Novo digital cinema camera (a re-housed $400 GoPro Hero3) + Angenieux Optimo 15-40mm lens ($45k) =
This crazy thing:

Novo digital cinema camera

They do say the lens is the most important part of the camera!

The Novo is 20% thinner than the GoPro Hero3, but keeps all the key functionality including WiFi. It’s capable of 4K, though for a decent FPS you’ll want to keep it closer to standard HD.

Demonstration video →


This New Camera Stabilizer Could Change Cinematography Forever –

The “MōVI” is a digital 3-axis gyro-stabilized handheld camera gimbal. The completely silent device weighs under 3.5 pounds bare and can be operated solo, or with the help of a second “gimbal” operator with a joystick to pull off some incredible moves.