Putting Sockrotation.com into lockdown

It has been almost a year since I last posted here, and there was a four month gap before that too, so I have decided to let my Premium subscription lapse on this blog from June 1st. This means it’ll revert to rapidnotes.wordpress.com and all of my CSS tweaks will vanish. But I plan to leave the content here for posterity and set the Sockrotation domain to redirect to here.

It’s sad to me really, because I enjoyed blogging here a great deal and I didn’t choose to stop because I got busy or lost interest per se, but because a sense of apathy and purposelessness gradually crept over my life. The kinds of things I blogged were things that delighted me, engaged me and piqued my curiosity, but these things started to feel meaningless. I stopped posting at my tumblr blog decodering.com for the same reason: A new CSS technique or web framework just kind of seemed trivial given the hellscape the modern web has become.

So anyway, it had a good 6+ year run all in all! And it’s always possible that I will get back to blogging at some point, or use the Sockrotation domain for something new. Until then I’m just going to leave the branding here. I don’t have the energy to change it.


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