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Design Facts is a platform for sharing the inspiring, shocking, passionate, brilliant, revolutionary, carefully crafted and relatively young history of our craft, all in bite-sized servings.

Some of my favourites…

21. Printers of the Italian Renaissance designed printers’ marks to identify and protect their work.

36. In 1981, Fisher-Price released a movable type Printer’s Kit, designed for children ages 5 years and older.

It was discontinued after 1984. (via)

48. From 1947 to 1949 Jan Tschichold developed a set of design guidelines to help standardize Penguin Books.


56. In 1974, Saul Bass directed his only feature length film, a science fiction piece called, “Phase IV.”

62. International Typeface Corporation (ITC) was one of the first type foundries to have no connection to metal type.

78. The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament symbol (peace symbol) is based on semaphore flag-signalling letters.

CND logo

97. The logo for Spanish lollipop company, Chupa Chups, was designed by Salvador Dali in 1969.

Chupa Chups logo

127. Type designer and illustrator William Addison Dwiggins is credited with coining the term, “graphic design” in 1922.

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