Let’s Play Dark Souls

This is a let’s play series on YouTube for a feindishly difficult game called Dark Souls. Markus (aka EpicNameBro aka ENB) is currently 50 episodes into a comprehensive walkthrough and discussion of the game, with tips for players and discussion of the game’s lore and development.

Catarina armorWhile Dark Souls is famous for its difficulty, I was mostly fascinated with how the game designers managed to balance that difficulty, never letting the player feel that they were unfairly cheated out of a victory. The way the game designers handle backstory is also very interesting. The lore of these lands could be almost entirely ignored by the player if they chose not to pay any attention to it, but Lordran has a rich history that can be pieced together from item descriptions and NPC dialogue. Even then, much is left to interpretation as characters the player meets are often untrustworthy or ill-informed.

The monster designs are also pretty freaky. My favourite reveal has been that of the Gaping Dragon.

Currently Markus is nearing the end of his playthrough, but he intends to replay it to show how the storylines can branch and the alternative endings that can be achieved, as well as play the original Japanese version of the game to discuss some to the translation choices that were made.

I’m terrible at these kinds of games, but I have been so fascinated by this world I have bought it for my PlayStation. I have not gotten very far…

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