Kangaroo PC
Shape of things to come

Kangaroo: a $99 Windows 10 pocket PC

Kangaroo is a $99 ‘mobile desktop’ that runs the full Home edition of Windows 10.

VentureBeat: The pitch is simple: Kangaroo offers the power of a cheap full-sized computer with the convenience and mobility of a cell phone. The black satin aluminum device is powered by an Intel Cherrytrail (Z8500) SOC, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of storage (only about 18GB is free when you first start it, but storage is expandable via a microSD card), and an on-board battery (up to four hours of “casual use”). The standalone Kangaroo Dock, which you can swap out for other future docks, includes an HDMI port and two USB ports.

Kangaroo PC

Windows Hello integration means the fingerprint reader on the side of the Kangaroo lets you log in without a password or PIN.

Kangaroo PC with dock

The included Dock is supposed to let you connect the Kangaroo to PC monitors, big screen TVs, projectors, or even Apple’s iPad.

Kangaroo PC connected

Aside from slow Wi-Fi in some cases and some cropping issues depending on the type of screen you’re plugging the Kangaroo into, this is definitely worth the $99. InFocus plans to unveil more products and accessories at CES 2016 in an attempt to build a Kangaroo ecosystem: A Kangaroo monitor, dedicated storage expansion, and various port expansion docks are all in the works.

VentureBeat: Kangaroo is an amazing $99 Windows 10 portable PC

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