A Matter of Perspective — Cartographer Daniel Huffman:

What happens if you take the shoreline of a lake, cut it, and unfurl it?

The once-closed shoreline of the lake now becomes linear, providing a new perspective on a familiar feature.

Unfurling a lake

I made this map because I wanted to show space referenced against a natural feature, rather than figuring locations based on the cardinal directions of north/south/etc. I think it’s a very human perspective, grounded in how we relate to the lake, rather than how it looks from space. Rob Roth just wandered by while I was writing this and said that this depicted “configural knowledge,” so there’s your search term if you want to read the academic side of this sort of thing.

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“A drive around the lake becomes a reasonably straight line. Not only that, but the map is actually continuous — the roads running off the bottom of the map are the same as those coming in at the top. It provides a unique perspective on the way people arrange themselves around the lake.” — Daniel Huffman


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