Dmitry Pisanko ISS timelapse

Dmitry Pisanko downloaded 95,623 publicly available raw images from taken from the International Space Station – that’s 109 Gigabytes worth – and after some post-production in Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects created this incredible 4K timelapse spectacle.

The part which took the longest was finding the appropriate soundtrack to accompany the video; Dmitry said it took “a long time, prohibitively long, almost three months”, but once he came across ‘Experience’ by Ludovico Einaudi he knew he had finally found what he was looking for.

(via DIY Photography)

Light-based media

Stunning 4K timelapse of Earth from the ISS

Dmitry Pisanko’s 4K timelapse spectacular of Earth using NASA source material. One of the most stunning space films I’ve seen to be sure.


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