AMPC – A modern computer built inside a case inspired by older amplifiers.

Lovely work from Love Hultén, Swedish designer and craftsman.

The works of Love Hultén are also nostalgic visions in a world of throwaway excess and economic efficiency gone awry.

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Craft and creativity

AMPC: A modern computer built inside a case inspired by older amplifiers

A lovely American walnut and aluminium PC inspired by amps from the late 70’s.


Dmitry Pisanko ISS timelapse

Dmitry Pisanko downloaded 95,623 publicly available raw images from taken from the International Space Station – that’s 109 Gigabytes worth – and after some post-production in Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects created this incredible 4K timelapse spectacle.

The part which took the longest was finding the appropriate soundtrack to accompany the video; Dmitry said it took “a long time, prohibitively long, almost three months”, but once he came across ‘Experience’ by Ludovico Einaudi he knew he had finally found what he was looking for.

(via DIY Photography)

Light-based media

Stunning 4K timelapse of Earth from the ISS

Dmitry Pisanko’s 4K timelapse spectacular of Earth using NASA source material. One of the most stunning space films I’ve seen to be sure.

Light-based media

Kurzgesagt: Making educational videos entertaining

Kurzgesagt (German for “in a nutshell”) make entertaining educational videos, like this one:

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Philipp Dettmer and Stephan Rether gave a talk at UX Munich 2015 about how (and why) they make their videos.

The Kurzgesagt team is comprised of 8 people: Philipp handles script and design, Stephan does the animation and there are two other designers, a German and English voice actor, a translator and a musician who does a bespoke score for each video!

There are lots of great educational YouTube channels, but this is one of my favourites.

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YouTube video removed

Blade Runner: The B-Roll Cut

45-minute version of the film made almost entirely from unused footage (via

This includes what I assume must be the entirety of the awful voiceover that they made Harrison Ford record. It’s worse than I imagined it would be. The Holden scenes are pretty bad too.

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Exploration in Games – Four Ways Players Discover Joy

Extra Credits: Exploration appeals to basic human instincts, and the basic joy we get from discovery makes exploration a key element for many games. While the geographic discovery of finding new levels or zones is a great example of exploration in games, it’s not the only type of exploration that exists. Among others, games can provide mechanical discovery, where players try new build paths or skill combos to increase their mastery of the game; content discovery, where players seek to unlock secrets or rush to open new packs to find out what they carry; and narrative discovery, where instead of being walked through a story the player must piece together backstory and lore from evidence they find around the world. This joy of discovery comes as much from the hunt as from the finding, but the designer must reward the player’s successful exploration with new tools or insights to show that the game recognizes their efforts.

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Grovemade produce gorgeous handcrafted accessories for your technology.

Grovemade walnut desk

The keyboard tray is particularly clever. (There’s a Magic Trackpad version too.)

The iPhone dock is another of my favourites. I personally don’t like cases that cover the screen, but this one with the leather flap looks very smart.

I’m not a huge fan of the watch either, but it does look lovely. I wonder if they’ll make anything for the Apple Watch?

This sleeve design however is just incredible. There are versions for the iPad Air, Mini and for the 13 inch MacBook Air. Like everything, it’s available in maple and walnut.

Grovemade iPad

They have loads more lovely product shots and behind-the-scenes photographs on Instagram too.

(via Bless This Stuff)

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Grovemade make gorgeous handcrafted tech accessories

Based in Portland, Oregon (where else?) Grovemade produce gorgeous tech accessories that I really, really want. Seriously! I mean, this isn’t a paid ad guys but if you want to send me a maple monitor stand you can consider me paid!

Casey Neistat has a somewhat, erm, guerrilla approach to technology. So far he’s adapted two Apple Watches to suit his personal tastes. Look away Apple fans!

Louis Vuitton Apple Watch

Plus how (not) to etch your name into your expensive new Apple gadget.

How to Turn Your Apple Watch Gold

A bit of spray paint turns a $399 apple watch into a $12,000 ‘edition’!

The Making of a Viral Video

Casey explains how and why he made his ‘How to Turn Your Apple Watch Gold’ video.

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Craft and creativity

Watch Casey Neistat customise / vandalise the Apple Watch

How to turn your Apple Watch gold and how about a fancy Louis Vuitton strap too? Look away Apple fans!

Ludmila Savchuk
Life on the Internet

Russia’s “Internet Research Agency” troll farm

The New York Times looks into ‘The Agency’, a pro-Kremlin propaganda operation that has “industrialized the art of trolling”.

The Columbian Chemicals hoax was not some simple prank by a bored sadist. It was a highly coordinated disinformation campaign, involving dozens of fake accounts that posted hundreds of tweets for hours, targeting a list of figures precisely chosen to generate maximum attention. It must have taken a team of programmers and content producers to pull off.

Ludmila Savchuk worked at the agency for two months.

The first thing employees did upon arriving at their desks was to switch on an Internet proxy service, which hid their I.P. addresses from the places they posted. Savchuk would be given a list of the opinions she was responsible for promulgating that day.

Savchuk told me she shared an office with about a half-dozen teammates. It was smaller than most, because she worked in the elite Special Projects department. While other workers churned out blandly pro-Kremlin comments, her department created appealing online characters who were supposed to stand out from the horde. Savchuk posed as three of these creations, running a blog for each one on LiveJournal. One alter ego was a fortuneteller named Cantadora. The spirit world offered Cantadora insight into relationships, weight loss, feng shui — and, occasionally, geopolitics. Energies she discerned in the universe invariably showed that its arc bent toward Russia. She foretold glory for Vladimir Putin, defeat for Barack Obama and Petro Poroshenko. The point was to weave propaganda seamlessly into what appeared to be the nonpolitical musings of an everyday person.

Savchuk’s revelations about the agency have fascinated Russia not because they are shocking but because they confirm what everyone has long suspected: The Russian Internet is awash in trolls.

Previously: A professional Russian propaganda troll tells all


Black Angel (1980)

(The film itself starts about 2 minutes into the video.)

Slashflim: Lucas commissioned the original Black Angel short film to play as a companion piece with Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back in some markets. It was well received and became a major influence on fantasy films that followed. But shortly after its premiere, all copies of the film were lost.

… Or so everyone believed until 2011, when a Universal Studios archivist came across a negative. An effort to restore the film got underway, and the film “re-premiered” at the Mill Valley Film Festival in 2013. Black Angel got a digital re-release in 2014, and as of last month was available to stream in its entirety on YouTube.

The Editing of MAD MAX: Fury Road

Vashi Nedomansky: One of the many reasons MAD MAX: FURY ROAD is so successful as an action film is the editing style. By using “Eye Trace” and “Crosshair Framing” techniques during the shooting, the editor could keep the important visual information vital in one spot… the Center of the Frame. Because almost every shot was center framed, comprehending the action requires no hunting of each new shot for the point of interest. The viewer doesn’t need 3 or 4 frames to figure out where to look. It’s like watching an old hand-drawn flip book whiz by. The focus is always in the same spot!

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