This post marks the two-year (and one day*) anniversary of this Rapid Notes, so I thought I would celebrate with an epic gallery post. This blog now has 456 posts! Which is rather a lot considering that I’ve never really figured out what this blog should be about. Browsing through this post will probably give you a better idea than any description I could write.

Another way to explore is via the table of contents (or the menu at the top of the site).

Thank you if you are one of the 315 subscribers to this blog! I know that number is inflated by bots, spammers and the like, but I figure some of you have to be real. If you want to join the ranks of the non-bot subscribers you can find the option at the bottom of this post (or again, in the menu above). I have bigger plans for this blog, so it should only get better!

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*This post took a lot longer to make than I expected! Originally I had planned to produce a more comprehensive list of the most interesting posts from the last two years, but I realised that was too much. Also, goddamn, WordPress.com needs a way of editing the arrangement of inserted galleries! I’ve spent so long rearranging shortcode lines like ids="3737,3735,3734,3768,3854" to make this post lay out in the way that I wanted!


Two years of Rapid Notes

Celebrating two years of this blog with a scroll-tastic gallery post.


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