Artist rendering of New Horizon over Pluto

On July 14, NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft will fly past Pluto, and we will map that distant world and its moons for the first time.

The New Horizons team plans to assign names to the features on the maps of Pluto and its large moon Charon, once we have seen them in sharp detail this summer.

At the Our Pluto site you can suggest your ideas for names and vote for your favourites. The ballot closes on 7th April 2015, so get in there quickly!

Names are to be taken from the history and literature of exploration and the mythology of the underworld.

  • History of Exploration

    • Historic Explorers: those who pioneered the exploration of the land, sea and sky.
    • Space Missions and Spacecraft: the launch vehicles that have carried our people and our machines into space, and the spacecraft we have used to explore the cosmos.
    • Scientists and Engineers: those who have contributed to our understanding of Pluto and the solar system.
  • Literature of Exploration

    • Fictional Explorers and Travelers: the characters who have embarked on journeys in the stories we tell.
    • Fictional Origins and Destinations: the places they have sought and the homes they have left.
    • Fictional Vessels: the sailing ships, starships, and everything in between that have carried them on their journeys.
    • Exploration Authors and Artists: those who have envisioned our explorations of the land, sea and space.
  • Mythology of the Underworld

    • Underworlds and Underworld Locales: the deep, dark places of mystery and death, as imagined in all the cultures of the world.
    • Travelers to the Underworld: the intrepid travelers who have ventured into the Underworld and (sometimes) returned.
    • Underworld Beings: the deities, demons and denizens of the Underworld in our stories.

(via Kottke)

Shape of things to come

Help name the new places NASA will discover on Pluto and Charon!

At the Our Pluto site you can suggest names for the features that will soon be discovered by NASA’s New Horizons probe.


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