Fantastic behind the scenes photographs from the Blade Runner model shop

Blade Runner - Spinner

Above: The full-size prop, decals and miniatures for the Spinner

Above: The Tyrell Corporation pyramid building plus a look at how the vast ‘Hades’ cityscape vistas were accomplished

Below: Various other vehicles and locations

Above: Polaroids featuring Edward James Olmos in costume as Gaff and the advertising blimp

(via Khoi Vinh)

Light-based media

Blade Runner model shop

“You have to remember, Blade Runner was made years before digital effects became common. Even now there are times you just can’t beat doing some effects like these “in camera.” Most of these cityscapes are a combination of models and traditional matte paintings. For the aerial shots they used a set about 12 ft. wide, and those towers you see belching fire are about 12 in. high. They’re made of etched brass and model parts and use thousands of tiny, grain-of-wheat light bulbs like you’d find in a dollhouse.” — Adam Savage


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