The Wellcome Image Awards 2015: Showcasing the best in science imaging talent and techniques, this year’s Wellcome Image Awards winners include: a scanning electron micrograph of a greenfly’s eye; a clinical photograph of an elderly woman’s curved spine; an illustration of pollen grains; a confocal micrograph showing drug-carrying particles in the lungs of a mouse; and a picture that shows the intricacies of a paediatric multi-sensory unit.

“The breath-taking riches of the imagery that science generates are so important in telling stories about research and helping us to understand often abstract concepts. It’s not just about imaging the very small either. It’s about understanding life, death, sex, and disease: the cornerstones of drama and art.”
Adam Rutherford, scientist and judge for the Wellcome Image Awards

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Wellcome Image Awards 2015: The art behind the science of life, death, sex, and disease

The Wellcome Image Awards showcase the best in science imaging talent and techniques. “This year’s selection of winning images is not only beautiful, they bring to life an incredible array of innovative imaging techniques, and hint at stories and ideas that go beyond the visual.” — Catherine Draycott, head of Wellcome Images


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