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New category: Craft and creativity

It was always my intention with this blog that the categories I used would be under continuous refinement. Today I’ve deleted the Aesthetics category and replaced it with Craft and creativity.

(Oh, and I’ve also added a new tag for explainers, which are typically those YouTube videos which, well, explain something.)

The former Aesthetics category was pretty much just a dumping ground for ‘nice things’, which was all well and good but a little uninteresting to be a major theme for this blog, I thought. Craft and creativity is going to cover broader themes of ‘Creative inspirations, inspiring creations and creative processes’.

This is the current shape of the blog:

  1. Shape of things to come
  2. Life on the Internet
  3. Humans and other animals
  4. Craft and creativity
  5. Light-based media
  6. Use your words
  7. Miscellany

I still think that there’s too much overlap between Shape of things to come (about new technologies and cultural shifts) and Life on the Internet (about online culture and technology). I’m also uncomfortable with Use your words being about writing and typography (two clearly related subjects but very different crafts). I’d also like to be able to get rid of the Miscellany category, but I think that’s just a side-effect of the fact that this blog will continue to shift focus as I do.

Stay tuned.

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