Double Fine
Light-based media

Double Fine Adventure!

This behind the scenes documentary was initially for Kickstarter backers, but now the first three episodes have been released on YouTube.

1. A Perfect Storm For Adventure

A three-year journey spanning eighteen (and counting) episodes, the Double Fine Adventure documentary chronicles the creation of “Broken Age,” from a germ of an idea in Tim Schafer’s notebook to a finished game and beyond. Along the way, the team is confronted with production delays, internal strife, and outside controversy in what is the most honest, in-depth look at video game development ever created. Previously exclusive to Double Fine’s Kickstarter backers, now everyone can share in the passion, humor, and heartbreak of this landmark documentary series.

2. A Promise of Infinite Possibility

3. Codename: Reds

There will be new episodes released on YouTube every Tuesday and Thursday, or you can buy the rest of the episodes DRM free for $10.


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