Wooden Enterprise by Michael Kretschmer

This 36 inch wooden model of the old school Starship Enterprise is made of maple, black walnut, padauk, osage orange, ebony, and yellow heart.

Kretschmer has also written about the making of this model: The main hull is made of maple. All major components were turned on a wood lathe. The saucer is 16 inches in diameter. The warp engines are made of maple as well, with black walnut and padauk pieces glued together.

Also: Take a good look at the original Enterprise shooting model, currently being restored at the Smithsonian and check out this amazing 68″ Lego Enterprise model!

Craft and creativity

Gorgeous wooden USS Enterprise model

The goal was not only to create the epic vessel, but to do it in original style not seen anywhere else… exploiting the natural grains and colors of the woods used. There is no paint or stain in this. It is coated with clear gloss polyurethane and rests on a 3/8″ stainless steel rod fixed into the black walnut base sporting the starfleet emblem.


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