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This hit Sundance film was shot with an iPhone 5S


Tangerine was shot using the iPhone 5S (three actually), $8 camera app Filmic Pro, a Steadicam rig* and special anamorphic lenses made by Moondog Labs.

Tangerine has deservedly received a lot of attention because Baker and his crew shot the entire film on Apple iPhone 5s cameras equipped with brand-new anamorphic adapters. Baker said the decision was largely due to monetary constraints, but also because of the immediacy the process would allow. “We didn’t have the budget to shoot on film,” he shared, so he made a decision to step away from what he described as “that social realist observatory and telephoto lens thing and found this hyperactive style that hopefully allowed audiences to participate and be a part of the chaos and be a part of the world that way.”

Apparently one of the biggest problems was being taken seriously by the cast.

“I had some hesitancy about it, more out of pride,” says James Ransone, who plays Chester, the pimp at the center of Tangerine’s love triangle.

“I’m like, Jesus Christ, man, I was on The Wire. I’ve ended up in iPhone movies!”

How one of the best films at Sundance was shot using an iPhone 5S — The Verge (via Daring Fireball)

* I don’t know what they used for their Steadicam, but there are lots of tutorials for making your own. This tutorial shows you how to make a nice looking one. Alternatively, a ‘fig rig’ seems like a pretty good solution.


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