Lars Andersen: a new level of archery

This is superhero-level archery!

Update: This video has been debunked by Geek Dad

“If he wanted to shoot like the master archers of old, he would have to unlearn what he had learned,” the narrator tells us. If Andersen had ever actually learned anything from real archers before going on his historical quest, he would have had a lot less to unlearn. What he had learned is the usual collection of bad habits that self-taught amateur archers always display, many of which continue unabated in his new, allegedly historic techniques.

He is a terrible archer who can shoot fast. He shoots very fast. He shoots very badly very fast.
Danish “Archer” Demonstrates Gullibility of Audience

I have to admit that despite knowing nothing about archery, a few things about the video did give me pause. I usually pride myself on being more careful about sharing nonsense and this time I should have listened to the nagging voice in my head.

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