How to comfortably live out of a 26 litre backpack

Stop packing so much: The minimalist packing list

James Turner and his partner were UX designers who quit their jobs, founded their own design agency and started working remotely for clients as they travel the world. James carries everything he needs in his 26 litre Smart Alec backpack, and he’s written this Medium post detailing what he needs “for the gear freaks and professional travellers. Newbies and veterans alike.”

This sort of travel isn’t for everyone.

But for me, there is no going back. To do this lifestyle we had to sell everything we owned. Beds, plates, books, everything. We didn’t own anything particularly nice so it wasn’t that hard, but it did make me reconsider how I related to ‘things’. I now love not owning much. I love that I can pack up my entire life in 5 minutes (yes, I timed it). And I love that everything I carry has been carefully curated so that it’s reliable and fits in with my life perfectly.


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