ITC Serif Gothic

Dylan Lathrop has a nice post on The Verge about his favourite typeface, ITC Serif Gothic: What connects new Star Wars, old Star Wars, and even Star Trek? This typeface

The next Star Wars finally has a name — Episode VII: The Force Awakens. Sure, people may beef with the title, but honestly, it could have been titled anything and I’d have been on board. Why? Because Disney and J. J. Abrams set the title in one of my all-time favorite typefaces, ITC Serif Gothic.

Craft and creativity

ITC Serif Gothic

ITC Serif Gothic was designed by Herb Lubalin and Tony DeSpigna in 1972, based largely on another Lubalin hit, ITC Avant Garde, but utilizing elements of roman and serif faces based only on the geometric architecture of ITC Avant Garde. Both were published through International Typeface Corporation, another Lubalin-owned company, and would become part of the aesthetic DNA of the 1970s.


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