Samsung’s design philosophy, in their own words:

“Sustainable values”? “Humans are the heart of Samsung design”, as opposed to what? “Reason and emotional sensibility are harmoniously enabled”! “Emptying” comes after “filling” and “overflowing” with insight, eh? Are they really “creating new values and cultures”? Do we even want that from a company that makes televisions, washing machines and mobile phones?

In conclusion, “Samsung aspires to the design that delivers a new ‘meaning’ and ‘delight’ to people, which contributes to society by creating sustainable and innovative value.”

Is this meaningless guff really what drives Samsung’s designers?

(via The Next Web)

Use your words

Samsung’s design philosophy

“Inspired by humans, creating the future”, as you do. Samsung’s three design values, they say, are: “Balance of Reason and Feeling”, “Simplicity with Resonance” and “Meaningful Innovation”. Meaningful innovations like ‘tilt to zoom’ and ‘shake to update’ I assume they mean.


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