Font Men

Skip to 2:25 for a brilliant and concise guide to the process of creating a new typeface.

You may not have heard of Jonathan Hoefler or Tobias Frere-Jones but you’ve seen their work. Before their recent split they ran the most successful and well respected type design studio in the world, creating fonts used by everyone from the Wall Street Journal to the President of the United States.

No mention in this film of the news from January this year that Frere-Jones is suing Hoefler for half of the company:

Type designer Tobias Frere-Jones claims he has been cheated out of his half of the company by his business partner, Jonathan Hoefler. In a blistering lawsuit filed today in New York City, Frere-Jones says he was duped into transferring ownership of several fonts, including the world-famous Whitney, to Hoefler & Frere-Jones (HFJ) on the understanding that he would own 50% of the company.

Did the pair resolve their differences? They seem to be using the original company name Hoefler & Frere-Jones at again. Was it all a bad dream?

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