Shape of things to come

Speed-reading like Neo

How To Read A 223-Page Novel In Just 77 Minutes:

Spritz makes a speed-reading technology which allows you to get through a mass of text, reading every word, in a fraction of the time it would take if you were turning the pages of a book or swiping through a Kindle. A college-level reader tends to read at between 200 and 400 a minute. Using Spritz, if you can handle 1,000 words per minute, you’d only need 77 minutes to complete the first Harry Potter book.

The placement of the word is key. Each word isn’t simply centered in the Spritz box. Rather, it’s placed optimally so that as little eye-movement is needed as possible. The only thing that limits comprehension at that point if your personal cognitive ability to recognize words and process their meaning.

This animated GIF example shows 500 words per minute.

Spritz at 500wpm

I’m surprised how easy it is to read. I’ve been aware of various speed reading apps before but never really considered trying them. That GIF above has pretty much convinced me that I should, at least for reading articles online.

Fiction feels like a very different beast to me. I know for starters that I tend to speed up when the story gets exciting and sometimes I like to linger and appreciate a paragraph or line of dialogue and consider it for a bit.


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