The Accessible Icon
Craft and creativity

The Accessible Icon Project

The Accessible Icon Project want to give the International Symbol of Access a more 21st Century, even paralympic, feel.

(1) Head is forward to indicate the forward motion of the person through space. Here the person is the “driver” or decision maker about her mobility. (2) Depicting the body in motion represents the symbolically active status of navigating the world. (3) By including white angled knockouts the symbol presents the wheel as being in motion. (4) The human depiction in this icon is consistent with other body representations found in the ISO 7001 – DOT Pictograms. (5) The leg has been moved forward to allow for more space between it and the wheel which allows for better readability and cleaner application of icon as a stencil.

The old icon displays that passivity: its arms and legs are drawn like mechanical parts, its posture is unnaturally erect, and its entire look is one that make the chair, not the person, important and visible.

Accessible icon comparison

Is it time for a new wheelchair access icon?


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