Mako Mori
Light-based media

Visual intelligence in Pacific Rim

Sam Keeper on the visual intelligence of Pacific Rim:

It’s very easy, if you are confronting the movie with a linguistic bias, to see the film as “dumb,” or, maybe even worse, a movie that’s good because it “knows it’s dumb” and doesn’t aspire to be more. And yes, the dialogue isn’t brilliant. Granted! You can totally watch the film and say “There’s not a lot going on here as far as witty reparte is concerned, and the plot is pretty simple, so on that level, it’s kind of a simplistic movie.” You can take that away with you after watching Pacific Rim.

But that’s not what my girlfriend took away from it.

She took away this:

“I thought it was really cool how Mako dyed her hair to match her jacket that she wore in the flashback scene. It was like she was still thinking about that day and carrying it with her.”

Pacific Rim is not a dumb movie at all. It is a visually intelligent movie.


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