I’ve been enjoying LARP Trek, a fairly new webcomic by Josh Millard that has the crew of the Next Generation Enterprise (circa season 3) roleplaying a game set on Deep Space Nine – as dreamt up by Geordi.

The two most recent strips have been particularly good. There’s no roleplaying here as the characters take a time out and Worf chats to Data:

LARP Trek 081 - My Dinner With Android

When I read the dialogue I hear the character’s voices perfectly.

LARP Trek 082 - Klingon to Something Data

The writer also writes interesting notes after each strip – sometimes related to his creative process, sometimes just musings on Star Trek.

“I’ve been thinking a bit about non-humans on Enterprise, and what a weird sort of deal that must be but how much it isn’t addressed on the show. That’s the downside of the Roddenberryan optimism that carried over into TNG: it’s great that we’re evolved and there’s racial harmony and all that, but it’s almost a bit gauche it seems like to acknowledge that there could be some low-level weirdness or isolation being one of the various but minority non-human occupants of what is, in any honest sense, a very human ship. Even accepting that people are generally not actually actively bigoted or jerks, you’re still going to have different cultural backgrounds and a lack of total understanding and empathy.”

It’s all very geeky, which is awesome.

Here’s a link to the first strip: You were dead the minute you fired on that holo-emitter.

Life on the Internet


The crew of the Enterprise take on their greatest challenge yet — an out-of-service holodeck — by exploring an ancient Earth custom Geordi calls a “role-playing game”


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