A camouflaged cell array in Brooklyn
Shape of things to come

Preliminary atlas of gizmo landscapes

A preliminary atlas of gizmo landscapes, the mines (extraction), factories (assembly), server farms (collation) and cell towers (transmission) that invisibly make our magical devices be what they are and do what they do.

Until we see that the iPhone is as thoroughly entangled into a network of landscapes as any more obviously geological infrastructure (the highway, both imposing carefully limited slopes across every topography it encounters and grinding/crushing/re-laying igneous material onto those slopes) or industrial product (the car, fueled by condensed and liquefied geology), we will consistently misunderstand it.
Rob Holmes (2010)

There’s also a 2012 follow up post, an atlas of iphone landscapes, which references (the later disgraced) This American Life episode Mr. Daisey and the Apple Factory. I’m not sure why he’s picking on the iPhone; the same observations are true of any smartphone.


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